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Connecting people with dignity, security, and ease.

Service Provider Support
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Verified Connections

What We Do

We partner with leaders who have shared values to provide them technical assistance with evidence based consultation, and a trusted network of support with no to low code solutions.

"H1S helped our organization grow 10x."
-Glen Evans, Founder, Art for Humanity

“Our partnership with H1S has achieved incredible results that quickly doubled our 5-star reviews. We continue to grow and our customers are happier with our continuous improvements.
-Meron Haile, Co-founder, Meda

Why We Do It

Many business, government, and non-profit leaders struggle with resources, data collection, and user experience insights. These challenges often result in poor customer and employee experiences. Many give up hope, often with a high staff turnover rate or worse.

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Visit our FAQ section to quickly discover frequently asked questions. We often start with evidence based practices to improve the user experience for our partners.

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Service Provider Support:  Outreach

Learn more about how you can improve the experience and outcomes for your staff and the community.

Outreach Tools

Service Provider Support:  Sustainability

Learn more about how you can stay connected with the people you serve, while increasing your bottom line.

Check-Ins Tool

Our network, your mission.

Are you a service provider? Learn more about our verified network to discover the many ways we can help you serve others.
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A wide variety of service providers

We're proud to work with...

DC Government
Feeding America
The Salvation Army
And many more!
A trusted partner

The #1 realtime HIPAA-compliant outreach network to connect people with verified services, used by orgs of all types and sizes.

Staying safe during challenging times
We offer real-time outreach tools that improve the experience and outcomes of service providers and those they serve.

This allows people to increasingly connect to verified services with dignity, security, and ease. Simultaneously, service providers are able to grow their mission and strengthen the the community with a verified network.

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Our partners provide hope...

Our H1S Check-ins connects a wide variety of service provider types - nonprofits, government institutions, and everyone in between - to those who need help.

Watch the video below to learn one way ou partner network has been checking in to connect services - "reaching people with timely, relevant, and verified information".
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