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Resources for food, employment, and housing security are critical for recovery and stability of justice-involved individuals. We help service providers connect with clients with real-time verified info, whether they are negotiating conditions of their parole, working on an expungement, or understanding their legal rights to housing.
"One of the biggest challenges that we have is that our user is someone who is experiencing homelessness and there tends to be a lot of social isolation in that group. Our services can only help if they can reach the people we want to serve. This tool helps address an unmet need, and reach our clients with timely information."
DC Interagency Council
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"I accessed legal clinics a few times, because I was having issues with my landlord. The other messages are good to have for when you need them. It's like an umbrella, you know where to go. There's lots of services out there, but people don't know where to go until they get that verified text with the address."
Partner's Client (Voices for a Second Chance)
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National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens

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"HopeOneSource tells me what I need to know, including health and unmet needs. It is a very valuable tool."
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