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"There are a lot of different resources that people don't know are available. Being able to connect to all these resources is key. Having a tool like HopeOneSource helps to navigate the nuances on how we deliver these services and how those who need them can access them."
Odie Donald, Executive Director
Department of Employment Services
"To know that there is someone that doesn’t want anything from you and knows what you need and is willing and able to give it to you... gives you hope. So, HopeOneSource gives you hope."
Former unstably housed resident and current service provider volunteer

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Margaret explains how the H1S network helped stabilize her situation

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"You saw that message I released last week? My phone has been blowing up with people asking about it! In fact, right before you came in, I was checking my texts."
S. Salaam, HMIS System Coordinator
The Salvation Army
Empowering service providers

Service providers use HopeOneSource to save time and resources.

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“HopeOneSource tells me what I need to know, including health and unmet needs. It is a very valuable tool.”
Dorothy Adams
Dreamers & Achievers
“The messaging can be incredibly useful. Social workers can follow-up with the people who said they need help or assistance. People are in much greater need recently than in the past, and I think this would be useful.”
Sue Kerver
VA Clinic
“I’m so happy we don’t have to use paper anymore, and I like how the report provides exactly what is needed.”
Marlo Ball
VA Clinic

Service providers love the ease and flexibility of the HopeOneSource tools.

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"HopeOneSource is really easy to use. It allows us to reach a far greater number of people than we can through other advertising, and it also means we can reach members of the community that we haven't had access to before. It's simple, it's free, and it's easy to use."
Louise Harvey
DC Dream Center
"I don’t know what I would do without [HopeOneSource] because that’s how much they have assisted me in providing the necessary services to my clients and assisted in my ability to navigate the resource community in D.C."
Beacon Health Options, Inc.
“These virtual tools provides exactly what is needed to the right teams. It also allows us to safely distribute food during this COVID-19 pandemic.”
VA Chief of Nutrition and Food Service, Charleston, SC

"This tool helps address an unmet need and reach our clients with timely information."

Kristy Greenwalt
Executive Office of DC Mayor
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