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How you can get involved

  • Service providers

    Use our tools to spread awareness about your services to those who need them most, get automatic data insights about your services, and save time and resources!
  • Community outreach

    Help build partnerships with local service providers to support them with their operations and expose vulnerable members of our community to their services.
  • Tech development

    Help build our technology to improve our tool’s user experience, while also increasing our potential to connect with the community.
Making a difference

How will you impact the community?

Your support will help ensure those registered for HopeOneSource receive timely text messages about lifesaving extreme weather alerts, free meals, legal aid, job training, health screenings, and other nearby available services unique to their needs. It will also help incredible service providers streamline their operations through real-time, automatic insights so they can save resources and help the communities they serve as efficiently as possible.