Outreach Tools

Internal and External Communications for your Organization

Easily connect with your existing clients, volunteers, and staff, as well as the general community, with our safe and efficient outreach tools.

How can you benefit from our Outreach Tools?

Connect with the people you aim to serve
As of Oct 2020, +2,500 DC residents at risk of experiencing homelessness are connected through real-time targeted texts.
Update your outreach strategy
Over 90% of low-income Americans have cell phones. Use the most effective and efficient means of communication to connect with individuals in our community in real-time.
Become a fiber of your community
Join a network of +300 government and non-government providers committed to connecting people and services.

How does it work?

  • Step 1
    Someone registers for HopeOneSource text alerts through a check-in or by a local service provider.
  • Step 2
    Service providers post service alerts on the HopeOneSource platform -- providing them with instant and direct communication to the people they want to reach using simple text messages.
  • Step 3
    Service providers are able to attract new clients to their organization. They can also connect current clients to a broader network of services and support, while helping streamline their busy work.
What are you waiting for?

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Easily schedule either an internal or external message to go out to anyone, at any time.
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