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Drive impact on a platform with true engagement.

H1S provides meaningful conversations at scale based on each individual's need and location with the simplest technology we all have access and know = text messaging.

All that compliments your existing outreach process...

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Check out our FAQs at the top of the page, or review our quick videos on how it works so that you can get started.

How can you benefit from our Outreach Tools?

Connect with your audience:
100% reach. 90% open rate in the first four minutes. All with HopeOneSource - a geolocated text message based platform built for instant connection. Amplify your engagement and outcomes today.

Update your outreach strategy:
Over 90% of low-income Americans have cell phones. Use the most effective and efficient means of communication to connect with those you aim to serve in real-time. No cell phone? Try our map or check-in tools to help you connect.
Become a fiber of your community:
Join a network of +400 government and non-government providers committed to connecting people and services with their own contacts, and HopeOneSource's extensive network.

How does it work?

  • Step 1
    Securely and easily collect the latest contact information and other key information for your organization with everyone you serve. Many flexible options to complement and strengthen existing outreach efforts.
  • Step 2
    Using the latest contact information, easily engage with instant, direct, and secure communication to improve service delivery. Real-time outreach that can include verified referrals to nearby available services --to feedback on their recent experience.
  • Step 3
    Service providers have meaningful conversations at scale. They're able to attract new people to their service(s), follow-up exclusively with their existing contacts, or they can connect them to a broader network. This is done with dignity, security, and ease.
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Easily schedule either an internal or external message to go out to anyone, at any time.
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"HopeOneSource's outreach tools are very convenient. 54 people have accessed our services since our last post.”

Jennifer Franklin
Total Family Care Coalition
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