We help food providers collect key information, and release relevant/timely information about their food pantries and other community resources so their community can stay fed and healthy. We also help them save time and resources so they can focus on what they do best - providing food to the public.
"I signed up at Winterhaven three years ago, and I've been using it ever since. Two days ago I went to two new food pantries in my area thanks to messages. There's everything I need."
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"You saw that message I released last week? My phone has been blowing up with people asking about it! In fact, right before you came in, I was checking my texts and returning calls."
Salvation Army
Service Provider
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DC resident benefitting from HopeOneSource.

Feeding America / Veterans Affairs

"This virtual tool provides exactly what is needed to the right teams. It also allows us to safely distribute food during this COVID-19 pandemic."

"With a buzz of a text, HopeOneSource has designed a digital platform to help..."

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